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For the majority of people, a mortgage is by far their biggest liability against their biggest asset. But a good mortgage can be hard to come by, and finding the right one requires a great deal research. Many people opt for a lower interest rate now, when there is so much more to consider.  It’s really important to think about what you will be doing in future, because it’s not just today that matters.

When you’re thinking about getting a mortgage, it’s really important to consider your attitude to risk.  

  • Do you worry about the interest rate movements?
  • Do you want the certainty of your mortgage been paid off at the end of the term
  • Do you need your mortgage to be transferable to a new home in case you move.
  • Are you concerned about protecting your home?

Then you need to think about what you will be doing over the next five years. 

  • Buying your first home?
  • Meeting someone special and sharing a home?
  • Starting a family and relocating?
  • Separating from a relationship and moving on?
  • Retiring and wanting to release the value from your home?
  • Looking for greater flexibility?
  • Investing in a second property?
  • Growing your business and needing a loan?

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