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There are now more ways than ever to draw your pension benefits, but choosing the right method is still as important as it’s always been.  Here at Hopwood Ash, we can provide you with the advice and support you need to make the right choices about your retirement. And we’ll talk you through your options every step of the way.

As you approach retirement, the options available to you will include:

  • The purchase of an Annuity including variable annuities
  • Income Drawdown including Phased Income Drawdown
  • Scheme Pensions

Alternative Retirement Options

Depending upon your circumstances, you might want to think about some different retirement options.

  • Phased Retirement
  • Short-term annuities
  • Alternatively secured pension
  • Hybrid products

These products vary in what they are called, the guarantees they offer and the charges they make to cover the cost of the guarantees.  You generally have to give up some investment growth potential to pay for guarantees.

All these options involve extra costs and extra investment risk compared with buying a lifetime annuity straight away.  They are not usually suitable if you have a small pension fund (after taking any lump sum) or you have no other assets and sources of income to fall back on.

With us on hand to guide you through the various pitfalls and benefits of the choices available to you, your retirement doesn’t have to be complicated. 


"My wife and I have known Kevin Hopwood for about 5 years. He was recommended to us by our solicitor who said there is only one person in Newbury worth taking financial advice from and that was Kevin Hopwood. 

In the time we have known Kevin he has steered us through the financial labyrinth of pensions & investments. Kevin not only looks at the financial aspect of your life but takes into consideration the whole picture; what is right for you & your family. 

I can truly recommend Kevin Hopwood - not only as a very sound financial advisor, but also a person who takes the time to ensure both my wife and I, fully understand the financial environment and are comfortable with any product he may advise us on."

Chris Owen - Experienced Regional Retail Manager Retired


Ready to talk about your financial choices?

Contact us today for your initial consultation at our expense or find out more about how we can provide you with specialist guidance and advice that covers Savings and Investments, Pensions, Mortgages and Protection as well as a range of Additional Financial Services in Newbury.

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