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If you’re exploring how best to save and invest your money, the range of options out there can seem overwhelming. But the right investment portfolio should reflect your tax position and align with your attitude to risk. And it should also further meet your requirement to generate growth or income, or a combination of both.

Being truly independent, Hopwood Ash draws from a comprehensive range of financial products and services to help you determine the investment strategy that is best suited to your investment attitude and tax position.

In order to achieve this we look at the following options to decide which investment strategy to take for you.

  • What is your attitude towards risk?
    Do you want to take no risk, a middle of the road risk, or are you more of a higher risk investor?
  • Do you require access to all or part of the capital in emergencies?
    As the unexpected can always happen, how crucial is any investment to your finances?
  • Do you require an income from your capital?
    Are you looking for growth from your money, or do you need extra income?
  • How long do you want to invest your money?
    Are you just putting some aside for a year or are you looking to invest for the longer term?
  • What is your current tax situation?
    Can we use your tax situation to reclaim some of your tax or minimise the amount of tax you pay on your investments?
  • How is your money already invested?
    Can we make the minor adjustments that will improve your portfolio, rather than having to make major changes?

Whether you want to find out more about Personal Savings and Investments, different Investment Types or Investment and Risk, we’ll listen to your needs and goals, and drawing on our expertise we’ll recommend the most suitable strategy for you.

Ready to talk about your financial choices?

Contact us today for your initial consultation at our expense or find out more about how we can provide you with specialist guidance and advice that covers Savings and Investments, Pensions, Mortgages and Protection as well as a range of Additional Financial Services in Newbury.

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