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It’s often said that the main beneficiary when someone dies is the Chancellor of the Exchequer. However, this is only the case if no provision or arrangements have been made for how an Estate should be divided and who gets what following a death. Writing a Will is a very simple exercise, and as an expression of your wishes and instructions for how your Estate is divided, it couldn’t be more important. Without it, your affairs will be managed by an administrator, whose actions and decisions are made according to a specific set of rules determined by the State.

Dying without a Will or ‘dying intestate’ can mean that your assets will remain frozen until probate is granted, creating long delays in resolving your personal affairs. Not only is this unsettling for those close to you, but it can also create financial hardship for the people you hold near and dear. It’s our experience that nobody wants this to happen to their Estate or the people they leave behind.

Inheritance Tax Planning and Trusts

Trusts are used for tax mitigation, family provision, succession planning, asset protection, confidentiality, avoidance of delays – and legally minimising the amount of tax paid on an Estate in the event of death. In fact, Inheritance Tax Planning is an integral part of making a Will, and it’s simple to put in place and imperative to have. 

Lasting Power of Attorney

If you suffer an injury or illness that leaves you unable to look after your own affairs, someone close to you can make an application to the Court of Protection that will grant them authority to manage things for you.  However, this is a time consuming and convoluted process, and one that can be avoided. With ‘Lasting Power of Attorney’, you can appoint a person of your choosing to look after your affairs should the worst happen. Whilst you can do this at any time, Lasting Power of Attorney is best established at the time of writing your Will.

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