Investing and Risk

Specialist Funds

With such a vast array of products available, choosing the right investment can be difficult. But with our advice and expertise, you’ll have all the guidance you need to make the right decision for you.

Put simply, a fund is a collection of many different people’s money pooled together and invested on their behalf by an investment specialist or fund manager. Typically, this person will make the day to day decisions of where and how the fund is invested. Whether you are looking at a pension, an investment bond or an ISA, there are a number of good reasons for making investments into specialist funds.

Firstly, a fund can buy large numbers of shares and achieve a portfolio of investments that are well be beyond the average investor. And in addition to increasing your purchasing power, a fund can help you diversify your investment. Also, rather than entrusting your money to someone with no interest or knowledge in markets and shares, a fund manager will make suitable investments for the value of the pooled fund to grow over time, choosing which shares to buy, to hold and to sell and at what time.

  • Diversification and Risk
    All investments carry some element of risk but your fund manager will usually practice some level of diversification to counter any risk.
  • Investment Assets
    Different types of investment have different complex characteristics, and your fund manager will assess and measure these features, and make suitable investment decisions based on their knowledge and market experience.
  • Sectors and Assets
    By choosing a specific fund sector based on geographical terms, or within a particular industry, your fund manager can identify broadly the areas in which the fund will invest.

Although there are no guarantees as to performance or returns from any sector, with our knowledge and experience, we can tell you how you can expect your investments to perform.

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