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If you are thinking about working or retiring abroad, you should know that moving to a foreign country can create a whole new situation for your financial arrangements. That’s why you need to make sure that you’re familiar with a range of issues such as residency, domicility and currency exchange rates, which will affect everything from your family, to the cost of living and much more

Over recent years, we’ve helped a good number of clients relocate and settle overseas. By providing them expert financial insight and targeted advice, we’ve helped them adjust and succeed in a completely new way of life.

Since April 2006, new legislation has made it possible for more people to transfer their UK pension to an overseas pension. Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pensions Schemes or ‘QROPS’ can give several benefits, providing they meet the requirements of UK tax legislation. If you intend to live on your pension, we can give you the exact advice you need to draw your benefits on a tax efficient basis. 

If you are going to work or retire in Spain, you should know that we have a Senior Consultant based in Madrid who is fully conversant with Spanish tax law and investment rules. As an expatriate, you need to make the most of your financial affairs, so access to good advice on taxation in Spain is vital.

Whether you need investment advice, to assure your own long term financial security, or you simply want to improve the return on your investments, we can offer you the benefit of our specialist experience, helping to make your relocation an exciting and secure event.

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