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At some point everyone needs to take stock and think about how they will manage when they retire.  The usual way to save for retirement is to put money into a pension either through work or by starting one yourself.  For most people, a pension is one the biggest investments they make. But finding a way through the pension maze can be tricky.

  • Do you purchase an annuity?
  • And if so, what type, and how should it be structured?
  • Do you want to have flexibility as to how you take your income?

Most of us will receive a basic State Pension based on National Insurance contributions that we have paid throughout our working life and depending on individual circumstances there may also be an entitlement to the Second State Pension (formerly known as SERPS) but the State Pension system is only a safety net.

Saving into a pension is a long-term commitment, so you need to determine how much you should be investing for retirement and what priority this should take over other financial needs and we can advise you on:

  • Personal Pension Plans (including Stakeholder)
  • Self Invested Personal Pension Plans (SIPPS)
  • Company Scheme ‘Top Ups’

Hopwood Ash can help you explore a range of investment mediums for your personal pension that are suitable for your attitude to investment risk. With our ongoing guidance and advice, you can change your investment at any time, suspending or stopping your contributions completely to suit your changing circumstances.

Ready to talk about your financial choices?

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