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Whether it’s your first, next or last home, purchasing property can be a daunting and somewhat lengthy task. But with the right guidance and advice throughout, you can be sure that you’re ready to make your move from the start. Rest assured that we’ll do all we can to help you through this process.

Firstly, we’ll assess your financial position and your affordability for a new mortgage. Then, we’ll create a personal Purchase Budget Plan, which includes not only the costs for the mortgage, but any Legal fees, Stamp Duty and moving costs you are likely to pay. Guiding you through the raft of mortgage deals, low rates with high arrangement fees, average rates with low arrangement fees or indeed fee free deals with a higher rate, we’ll help you decide whether it is best for you to transfer your existing loan should you be on your second purchase onwards or take on a new mortgage from a new lender.

Whether you are purchasing or remortgaging, it’s not just the rate that matters. Taking into the smaller details that are important to you such as transferability should you wish to move within the initial deal period, or the possibility of overpayments without incurring redemption penalties, we can re-evaluate your risk position against your current financial situation, and help you choose the most appropriate deal.

Remortgaging is a fine balancing act.  If you already have a mortgage and are coming to the end of your current deal in the next four months, it’s well worth starting to consider the options on the open market now. The main reason to move from your current lender is to save money.  But before agreeing a new deal you must re-assess your financial goals.  If you are on an interest only repayment basis, check that your repayment vehicle is still on target to meet the amount of mortgage you owe.  Maybe now is the time to change on to full repayment mortgage.  

Whatever your situation we will source and process the most appropriate deal for you now and for the future.

Whether you’re thinking about a Residential or Commercial mortgage, whether you’re First Time Buyer, or you want to explore your options for Equity Release, Shared Ownership or Buy to Let, we can talk you through the most suitable mortgage available to you and ensure that you fully understand and how it is set up. 

Ready to talk about your financial choices?

Contact us today for your initial consultation at our expense or find out more about how we can provide you with specialist guidance and advice that covers Savings and Investments, Pensions, Mortgages and Protection as well as a range of Additional Financial Services in Newbury.

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